Change Management

Due to globalisation, technological developments, changing wishes and demands of the companies, changing social structures, and adapted regulations. All organisations have to deal with a continuously changing work environment.

Process Optimisation, Training and Coaching

Verschuren Consultancy, has adopted the Kaizen Philosophy to bring cultural change in organisation to establish continuous Improvements. We are using the DMAIC method to implement and create an environment of sustainability in your organisation.

Interim Management and Project Management

Verschuren consultancy is able to assist you with your needs of Interim management services.
If you are in need of evaluating activities, projects or somebody just to act as a sounding board. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can review opportunities and risks from a different perspective.

Training Facilities

The success of training depends on the area, equipment, and the trainer. Rooms must be spacious, well lit through natural light, at the perfect temperature and fresh air. To provide students with the opportunity to be active and be motivated.

The Founder

25 + years of experience in the IT and consulting world, on every continent.

Then the time came, when I had to make choices. Choices on, how to proceed and what goals are still important for me.

What is most important for me is to share my knowledge and experience, price should not be decisive in this, but what is most important is that good quality knowledge also reaches smaller companies who would normally be out of scope due to investment capabilities.

The fundamental areas that the service delivers in are:

  • To be a Bridge between the business and IT alignment.
  • Change management: the extent to which an organisation to adapt and how long this process takes.
  • Continuous improvement in the organisation through Lean6Sigma training and coaching.

Working together with experts from different fields, I created a broad network through which organisations can be supported on all levels and in all areas of the business. A network of like-minded individuals, who deliver top quality for the price.

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