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Due to globalisation, technological developments, changing wishes and demands of the companies, changing social structures, and adapted regulations. All organisations have to deal with a continuously changing working environment. This has a major impact on innovation, organisation, business models and the competitive situation. With continuity and profitability impacted this requires a high degree of adaptability.


The organisation’s ability to deal effectively with a wide degree of changes as a cohesive group of individuals.

Importance of Changeability

Organisations detour the process by developing strategies and making plans.
Which are important but more importantly, the organisation is able to deal with the changes faced. Ultimately, that organisation determines 80% of the effect. The greater the ability to change, the greater the success rate, the faster changes are made, the lower the cost and the more attractive the organization is to employees.

Changeability and Consultancy

Consultants support organisations with the development of plans and their implementation. Hence helping the plans success, which depends depends heavily on the ability to change the organisation through chanability. Thus it makes sense to help the organisation to portray and strengthen the ability to change.

Business Fitscan and Consultancy

Business Fitscan has developed a method to measure the changeability of organisations transparently, objectively, and concretely as well as diagnose them. Because it’s about facts it offers great benefits.

This is necessary to answer the questions of

  1. How well is the organisation/project’s organisation able to complete the strategy/project?
  2. What can management – immediately relevant – do to increase the chances of success?

By sharing this insight, the management, together with the consultant, can steer this and be focused on this.
For example, by discussing the results and their impact on the implementation process and embedding the results in workshops for both management and employees, raising awareness and providing direction.

Added value Business Fitscan for Consultancy Organisation
The Consultancy Organisation has a number of advantages with Business Fitscan.

  • Offers its customers extra service
  • Increases the chances of success
  • Better implementations (higher speed and lower costs)
  • A competitive advantage
  • More revenue through additional services and more retention

Business Fitscan and its products

Business Fitscan carries the following products:

An interactive workshop on changeability and change in culture for Directors, Management Teams, Programme Managers and Consultants aimed at raising awareness and understanding. Alongside providing practical tools and improving the assessmeant of change pathways.

Business Fit Canvas
A practical tool to develop corporate image for your own organisation’s ability to change. By completing this canvas you gain insight, which leads to answers to many questions. This is enhanced when combined with a workshop.

Self Assessment
An online self-examination which provides a good idea of the change power of a department or project organisation at a low cost. The insight offered provides tools for effective measures, especially focused on smaller projects and organisations. This is combined with a workshop in which the results are discussed and next steps are proposed.

Business Fitscan
A broad, scientifically sound and objective measurement of changeability. The report is a diagnosis with different cross sections and explains the relationship between the various relevant and impressionable elements. It gives the organisation concrete tools to increase the chances of success.

Business Fitscan Plus
In addition to the extensive diagnosis, Business Fitscan Plus offers guidance from management in structurally strengthening the changeability. This is done by converting the insights into a simple number of steps with concrete and easy to follow measures.

Benchmark Investigations
Business Fitscan conducts organisation over-growth research into Branches and Regions, etc. to develop comparison material.
These studies are used by Consultancy Organisations to profile themselves.

White label

Business Fitscan works under the name of the Consultancy Organisation.

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