Process of Optimisation

Productivity Engineering Verschuren, has adopted the Kaizen Philosophy, providing cultural change in organisation to establish continuous improvements. We use the DMAIC method to implemented and create sustainability in your organisation.

We will do this in cooperation with the PEEC 2005, who have more than 30 years of experience in the industry across the globe, through expert training and coaching.

All training sessions are conducted by experienced Master Black belts trainers and Coaches. Who can provide you with the following:

  • L6Sigma Training with the basic of Kaizen Philosophy and the DMAIC Method.
    • Executive Training: awareness training for top-management.
    • Silverbelt Training: for future project sponsors.
    • Yellow Belt: first level training L6Sigma.
    • LAP: Lean Administration Training, a more practical Yellow Belt training.
    • Green Belt: Second Level training L6Sigma.
    • Black Belt: third level training L6Sigma.
    • Master Black Belt: fourth level Training.
  • Coaching van teams & management.
    • Fixed days, for a fixed price.
    • On call.
    • Combination of training and coaching against a fixed price.
    • Panel sessions with sponsors, evaluation of existing projects, new initiatives, and prioritisation of new initiatives.
  • Concept offers.
    • Specially designed concept for your organisation for a fixed price.
    • Coaching program for a fixed price.
    • L6Sigma & Project-management training coaching concept, for a fixed price.